VPS Hosting from €3 per month

  • 24/7/365 Secure VPS Hosting

  • Powerful KVM Cloud Server

  • High quality Enterprise Hardware

  • VPS Control Panel

  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Full root/admin access

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Instant deployment on demand

As soon as you place order, Chociz cloud orchestration create your instance in our data center within seconds.

SSD VPS Instances

Want to host your Website or Application with SSD Virtual Server? We have various options available for you with high speed and best performance. Our Offshore Location also gives you best Network of over 5 Tbps.

Plan Storage CPU Memory Traffic Network Location Order
HP-NL-2 20 GB SSD 1 Core 1 GB 1 TB 20Gbps Netherland €3/month
HP-NL-5 50 GB SSD 1 Core 2 GB 2 TB 20Gbps Netherland €5/month
HP-NL-8 75 GB SSD 2 Core 3 GB 3 TB 20Gbps Netherland €8/month
HP-NL-10 100 GB SSD 2 Core 4 GB 4 TB 20Gbps Netherland €15/month
HP-NL-15 150 GB SSD 4 Core 8 GB 6 TB 20Gbps Netherland €25/month
HP-NL-20 200 GB SSD 4 Core 12 GB 8 TB 20Gbps Netherland €33/month

High Speed NVMe Instances

We delivers high performance, power efficient and compatable NVMe SSD Storage for your better user experience. If you want to uprade your plan, you can do it at any time without any delay.

Plan Storage CPU Memory Traffic Network Location Order
HP-NL-5n 50 GB NVMe 2 Core 3 GB 3 TB 20Gbps Netherland €13/month
HP-NL-10n 100 GB NVMe 2 Core 4 GB 5 TB 20Gbps Netherland €24/month
HP-NL-15n 150 GB NVMe 2 Core 6 GB 6 TB 20Gbps Netherland €36/month
HP-NL-20n 200 GB NVMe 4 Core 12 GB 8 TB 20Gbps Netherland €47/month
HP-NL-40n 400 GB NVMe 6 Core 20 GB 12 TB 20Gbps Netherland €92/month


You can enjoy the benefits of using Cloud HDD VPS, We offer extremely reliable hosting, at a very affordable price. If you want to manage your HDD VPS server according to your needs, you can do it easily in just a few seconds.

Plan Storage CPU Memory Network Location Order
HV-1 180GB HDD 1 Core 512 MB 1000 Mbit/s Germany coming soon
HV-2 400GB HDD 2 Core 1 GB 1000 Mbit/s Germany coming soon
HV-3 600GB HDD 2 Core 2 GB 1000 Mbit/s Germany coming soon
HV-4 800GB HDD 2 Core 3 GB 1000 Mbit/s Germany coming soon
HV-5 1000GB HDD 2 Core 4 GB 1000 Mbit/s Germany coming soon
HV-6 2000GB HDD 4 Core 8 GB 1000 Mbit/s Germany coming soon
HV-7 3000GB HDD 4 Core 16 GB 1000 Mbit/s Germany coming soon

Deploy Windows/Linux Servers in seconds

Set up a new instance with your preferred operating system or pre-installed application in just seconds.

You can bring your own Operating system and install into VPS in RAW format.

Why people choose Chociz VPS Hosting?

Looking for something else?

Dedicated Servers

€28 per month

  • Real-Time Scalability
  • Highly customizable
  • Lightning-fast Deployment
  • Fast and Secure
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Web Hosting

€1 per month

  • Fast & Secure
  • High-Performance Storage
  • User-Friendly
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Cloud Dedicated Servers

€24 per month

  • Reliable Fast Servers
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • DDoS Protected Network
  • 24/7 Support
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High Performance VPS Hosting

High quality VPS Hosting with tailor made solution, backed up by premium support. Powerful KVM Cloud Server. The ultimate platform to start a successful project.

VPS Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is VPS Hosting ?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is virtual Server, a machine which do not to be controlled by a dedicated or Physical server. Every VPS Hosting Servers can run its own Operating System and is located in a certain position of the physical or Dedicated server’s memory and storage resources.

What are the different Types of VPS Hosting ?

You may have seen different VPS Hosting servers through your research. Following are the different type of VPS hOSTING : Cloud VPS Hosting Cloud Server Managed VPS Hosting Self-managed VPS Hosting Unmanaged VPS Hosting

What are the advantages of VPS Hosting ?

First of all, Spend less time. One of the biggest advantages of using VPS Hosting is that you can save much time. Setup your server by using a configured OS, and cPanel/WHM or if using a managed VPS, that’s optimized for the VPS hosting company’s foundation. High Security- The virtualization object secure VPS containers from getting affected from cyber attacks to other clients.

Is there a money back guarantee ?

Yes, we provide 7 days money back guarantee for all VPS Hosting Packages.

Do you provide Windows VPS hosting?

Yes, We provide both Windows and Linux VPS hosting.

7 day money back guarantee

Reliable VPS Hosting you can trust

VPS Features

DDoS Protected Network

7 day Money Back

24/7 Support

99.99% uptime guarantee

IPV6 Support

Instant Setup


DNS Management

Raid 10 Storage


Server Control Panel

24/7 Monitoring

Premium Network