How do I connect to the server? (Linux)

How do I connect to the server?

In order to connect to your server for installation, you'll need to access your server via SSH. Never done that before?
Read on to find out more. When you received your server or VPS, you should have received an email with the following:

  • An IP
  • A username (often root)
  • A password

We'll use all of these pieces of information to connect to your server

Step-by-step guide (Linux/OS X)

Connecting to your slot via Linux or OSX is trivial:

  1. Open a terminal

  2. Type: ssh <username>@<hostname>

    eg: ssh

  3. You may receive a warning about the host key. Type "yes" to verify.

  4. Enter your password

  5. Done!

Step-by-step guide Windows (PuTTY)

  1. If you don't already have PuTTY installed, you can grab it here. Once downloaded, click the .exe and follow the instructions to install.

  2. Once installed you can enter your server details including username and password

  3. On first login you may be presented with a warning - this is to confirm that the server identity is correct.

  4. From there user your username and password to log in. If you are successful you should see a default Linux command prompt, and can now install applications.

    You must be really careful on what you execute as root. Any wrong command combination can destroy your server.

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