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If you are finding that your FTP speeds have become slower than usual, there is a workaround that can be applied by increasing the number of concurrent connections that your FTP client will use when connecting to your box.

In Filezilla (and similar clients), locate your Site Manager and go to your seedbox entry. Click on the 'Transfer Settings' tab (as shown below) and increase this number to 10.

In CuteFTP Pro you can use Multi-Part. When using this mode, the file you are downloading is split into several chunks in the background which are then transfered in several threads simultaneously, and then reassembled, once complete, on your local computer. This is the fastest method of transfering large files.

Go to "Tools" > "Global Options" > "Transfer" > "When selecting MAX in multi-part transfer, use..."

When selecting a file to download, right-click on file > "Download Advanced" > "Multi-part Download"> "MAX-7 parts

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