30% Discount Offer

  • 20th October 2014
We are happy to announce our 30% discount offer on seedboxes. To avail 30% Discount for all 100 Mbps shared seedboxes, use coupon ALLSB30%Terms & Conditons : The discount excludes any additional add ons on the account and refers to the monthly line rental of the package plan itself. By signing up to this promotion the customer is entering a 1 ...
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Important Information about SSL V 3.0 POODLE Vulnerability

  • 19th October 2014
With the recent discovery of the the “Poodle” vulnerability, we’re writing today to inform you about how it may affect you, as a user of our SSL certificates. First of all, this vulnerability does not affect SSL certificates themselves. It impacts SSL protocol functionality. There is no need to reissue and revoke your current ...
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Please update your systems (bash)

  • 26th September 2014
Please follow the link to update your bash of your servers (all Linux versions) as latest patch has been released in light of recent bug.

If you require any further assistance please contact the support department.

Chociz Support Department
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MAINTENANCE notification: routers software update

  • 19th June 2014
We will undertake a rare mandatory maintenance and update Force10 core routers and access switches firmware. The upgrade requires a network equipment restart. Please expect ONE or TWO service disruptions, each one estimated to take around 3-5 minutes in 4 separate mornings from 23rd and 27th of June 2014. Servers in our Romanian ...
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