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What is autodl-irssi and how do I configure it? Print

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autodl-irssi is a plugin that connects to an IRC channel and watches for and downloads new torrents announced by that tracker's announce bot, according to filters you set.


  1. http://code.google.com/p/rutorrent/wiki/PluginAutodlirssi#Usage is a complete tutorial on how to configure autodl-irssi for ruTorrent. Please find Usage header.
  2. You must configure the 'Trackers' section of autodl-irssi to download torrents from trackers that require a login.
  3. When you configure the action, you must use the Save to watch folder action, NOT the rTorrent action.
  4. You can browse for your watch directory
  5. DO NOT use autotools to create the watch directory - it is already setup, the refresh rate on autotools is default (200 seconds).

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