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Swizzin is a light, modular seedbox solution that can be installed on Debian 9/10 or Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04. This let's you transform your Linux Server into a Private Media Solution.


Login to server as root and run the following command and follow onscreen instructions.


bash <(wget -qO -

Please note that if you are running Ubuntu and choose to run the initial setup though sudo you should include the -H argument to ensure that your home directory is modified to /root when you sudo up. The installer will take care of this for you, and this should be the only time you need to specify sudo -H before running a swizzin command.


sudo -H su -c 'bash <(wget -qO -'

Box is used to manage swizzin apps.

Box functions:

  • list - list all available packages in the repo and a description, if available.
    • Usage: box list
  • install - installs a package from the script repository. Accepts one or more package.
    • Usage: box install sickrage couchpotato plex
  • remove - removes an installed package. Accepts one or more package
    • Usage: box remove sonarr radarr
  • adduser - adds a new user. Define a single user with the command.
    • Usage: box adduser freeloadingfriend
  • deluser - deletes the specified user. Define a single user with the command.
    • Usage: box deluser exgirlfriend
  • chpasswd - changes the password for a user. Define a single user with the command.
    • Usage: box chpasswd forgetfulfriend
  • update - use this command to update your box with the newest changes from github
    • Usage: box update
  • upgrade - upgrade the given package (available scripts are in scripts/upgrade)
    • Usage: box upgrade nginx
  • rmgrsec - removes grsec kernels installed by ovh
    • Usage: box rmgrsec
  • rtx - starts the r(u)Torrent extras management interface (rtx alone will also do)
    • Usage: box rtx or rtx

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